3 Kakaako parks re-open, but not the most popular one

KAKAAKO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kewalo Basin Park, Gateway Park and Point Panic are all set to reopen on Monday.

The announcement comes nearly two weeks after the Hawaii Community Development Authority closed the parks amid homeless sweeps. Officials said the closures were needed to address safety and security issues at the recreation areas.

"At Kewalo Basin Park there was a lake. Some sort of irrigation problem caused that lake to form so that's been solved now. There are also four poles that are badly corroded and need to be removed," said HCDA spokesman Garett Kamemoto.

Crews also fixed the irrigation systems at both Gateway Parks located off Ala Moana Boulevard.

While Point Panic is set to reopen, the remainder of Kakaako Waterfront Park will remain closed indefinitely.

Safety concerns prompted the HCDA to shut it down following a string of dog attacks and the discovery squatters had been tapping into the electricity, exposing live wires. Officials estimate illegal campers caused a minimum of a half million dollars in damage.

The waterfront park closure has made it a challenge for many parents picking up their children from pre-school at the nearby Children's Discovery Center.

"I'm having a hard time trying to find a place to park," said Mike McDivitt.

"Logistically it's just been frustrating with the other parking lot closed," said Becky Giles. "There are not enough spaces. You get ticketed if you park on the street. And we get a late fee if we're late to pick up our children."

HCDA confirmed it will reopen both parking lots at the park.

"People cannot use the Waterfront Park but they can use that parking to go to the Gateway Park."

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