Local Connection: Waikiki Violence

The latest murder in Waikiki should be setting off alarm bells in the visitor industry.

It's not clear whether we are in the midst of a new trend of escalating violence, or just a temporary spike. But it does seem like several incidents recently have been due -- at least in part -- to groups of young men looking for thrills or trouble. Nothing like the combination of testosterone and alcohol or other drugs to produce random death.

But potential visitors who Google "Waikiki" are unlikely to carefully analyze news of two stabbings and a shooting on the sidewalk of what is supposed to be a safe destination.

And the industry doesn't really have the luxury of analyzing the underlying causes of the violence, either.

It also can't rely on the Honolulu Police Department to flood the streets with officers at the expense of other Oahu neighborhoods.

Once again, as with the homeless crisis, the industry should be looking to it's own considerable resources to design and fund a solution that provides safe streets for visitors and residents in Waikiki.

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