'He's 3-0 against Hawaiians, that doesn't sit well with me': Holloway sounds off on Edgar and UFC Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's been just two weeks since the UFC confirmed that Max Holloway would defend his title against Frankie Edgar at UFC 218, and already the 25-year old Hawaiian has began preparations for the Dec. 2 fight.

The fight will be Holloway's first title defense since he unified the 145-pound division earlier this year against Jose Aldo at UFC 212. The Waianae native is riding an 11-match winning streak heading into UFC 218. His last loss came to Conor McGregor back in 2013.

"I feel great," said Holloway. "I just can't wait to get it done. These guys, Frankie especially... he got a bad taste in a lot of Hawaiian's mouth. He got a win over a legend. You know he's 3-0 against Hawaiians and that doesn't sit well with me."

Edgar, who's a former lightweight champion, first earned a belt against local legend, BJ Penn, at UFC 112. After that he defeated Penn two more times (at UFC 118 and UFC - The Ultimate Fighter Finale). But, since dropping down to 145 Edgar has gone 0-2 in title fights. However, he's now 7-2 and on a two-bout winning streak. He'll meet Holloway in the octagon for the first time in Detroit.

"He's going to have to see me," said Holloway of the chance to earn some redemption for Hawaii fighters against Edgar. "I'm excited for the opportunity. He's never been outside of the top five in 145. He's the champ at the higher weight class. My last two [opponents] were champions or former champions and I want to add one more to my list... Frankie's definitely a future hall of famer."

Something else Holloway wants to add to his list, is a UFC event in Hawaii. It's been a campaign he's been pushing for years. Recently, he says he's heard there's been some developments that make an event in the 50th state more possible. But, he says he won't believe it until he sees it in writing.

"UFC Hawaii... man I have no idea," said Holloway. "I hear talks - this and that is going to happen. But, until I see a contract that says Max Holloway versus someone, Aloha Stadium, I'm not going to believe it. I'm going to wait. Dana White keeps talking about rain. But, he's not made of sugar. He's not going to melt, Dana."

Holloway says there's been progress in addressing the weather issues that fighting in an outdoor stadium can cause. There's been proposals for canopies that can cover more than half the stadium, according to Holloway. But, he remains skeptical until pen is put to paper.

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