Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Hawaii Walk

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This year in Hawaii, there have been an estimated 1,120 new cases of breast cancer.  There will also be approximately 140 deaths from breast cancer in Hawaii this year. From 1989 to 2015, breast cancer death rates decreased by 39%, which translates to 322,600 averted breast cancer deaths in the United States. The most common symptom is a lump or mass in the breast Women should be familiar with the look and feel of their breasts

Women at average risk for breast cancer should have the option to begin annual mammograms at age 40 – 44; continue to undergo annual mammograms to age 54 and may transition to bi-annual mammograms at age 55 as long as their life expectancy is 10 or more years.

Some risk factors for breast cancer include age, family history and genetic predisposition, weight gain after age 18 and or being overweight/obese postmenopausal hormone use (combined progestin and estrogen), physical inactivity, smoking, menstruation that begins early and/or ends late in life and  a first pregnancy after age 30 or never having children.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Hawaii will be held on October 21 at Ke'ehi Lagoon Beach Park. Registration starts at 6:00 am and there will be a  rolling start from 7:00 – 8:00 am.

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