Forecast: Wetter, windier weather over the next few days

Forecast: Wetter, windier weather over the next few days

The moisture we have been tracking the last couple of days is now within range of radar and we're seeing heavy showers and even some thunder and lighting to our east and north. We will see increased clouds and showers today with the heaviest rainfall tonight, Friday and Saturday.

The slow build in the trade winds is even slower than anticipated. Winds today may reach 10-20 mph, but we still expect very strong winds to develop over the weekend. By the time we get to Monday, the winds will be 15-30 mph consistently with gusts even stronger. Get ready!

High today in Honolulu will be 88 degrees.

Surf is starting to build along east shores with the stronger winds upstream and could reach advisory levels this weekend through the middle of next week. A south swell is forecast to bring south shores to advisory levels Sunday and Monday.

Today's waves will be 3-4 feet east, 2-4 feet north and south, 1-3 feet west.

There are no marine or weather advisories posted.

No tropical cyclone activity is expected in the Central Pacific over the next 48 hours. There is one spot in the East Pacific with a small chance of development, 10% / 20% is the 2-day / 5-day forecast.

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