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Study: Overfishing impacts Molokai less than other islands

Molokai (Image: Hawaii News Now) Molokai (Image: Hawaii News Now)

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - A 17-year multiagency study has found that the Hawaii island of Molokai is among the state's least impacted areas by overfishing.

The Maui News reports that the study, which began in 2000 and encompassed 25,000 in-water surveys, found overfishing is the primary cause of reef fish declines in Hawaii. Maui and Oahu were most impacted by overfishing.

Fisherman and conservationist Kelson Poepoe said he has taken it upon himself to spread awareness and encourage people to harvest responsibly on Molokai.

Poepoe says educating people on the declining species and teaching them to avoid harvesting during spawning times has gone a long way toward helping protect marine resources.

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