A simple gesture of aloha warms hundreds of hearts

A simple gesture of aloha warms hundreds of hearts

KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A little dose of aloha can do wonders — especially during a particularly tough week.

Just ask the hundreds of Facebook users whose hearts melted after seeing a post Friday on Facebook.

It was incredibly simple: Kahealani-Laferriere Naili-Takahashi uploaded a photo of a Hawaiian Electric Co. technician helping a grandmother with a walker cross Kapolei Parkway on Friday morning.

"Aloha exists!" Naili-Takahashi said, in her post.

And hundreds agreed.

"Awesome!" wrote Peggy Sucher. "We need more happy right now."

Said Shantel May, "That's so beautiful."

And Uilani DuPont said simply, "Chivalry lives. God bless them both."

Even Naili-Takahashi joined in on the comments — saying that the sight brightened her entire day.

"He deserves every warm and fuzzy feeling he gets," she wrote. "Lord knows he's given many warm and fuzzies today."

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