Residents: Dump truck driver knocked out community's power — but never stopped

MAKAHA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thousands of homes in Makaha were without power for several hours Wednesday morning after a garbage truck ran through low hanging utility lines.

And residents say they had to call police because the driver didn't stick around.

The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. on Lahaina Street.

Jasmine Naeole says she was in her garage with her baby when she saw a West Oahu Aggregate garbage truck speed by her house.

"It was a loud noise and then all you heard was whipping cords because he was driving so fast," Naeole said.

Naeole says the snagged lines ripped poles and roofing materials from their house, left dents and scratches on two of their trucks, and damaged their fence.

Hawaiian Electric says more than 2,400 customers were without power and some neighbors say they also lost cable and telephone service.

"He ripped cables from our lines to the house. I seen all our lines were down. It was really bad," said Julia Padelloilac.

Even with the damage to their property, residents say they're more upset that the driver didn't pull over.

"The truck just took off. He just kept driving with all the wires falling off the back of his truck, so we got out into the street and we're trying to wave him down. He just was booking it down the street," Naeole said.

The police were called as neighbors followed the driver and snapped pictures of the truck.

Naeole says she called West Oahu Aggregate, but was told the low hanging utility lines were to blame.

"Instead of getting an apology or what can be done to help us now, we're stuck," she said.

Hawaii News Now reached out to West Oahu Aggregate for comment, but those calls were not returned.

HECO says power was fully restored just before noon.

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