Local Connection: Las Vegas Shooting

Local Connection: Las Vegas Shooting

Another day when words fall short.

Once again – after another senseless slaughter – our hearts are broken and our prayers offered for so many innocent victims and their loved ones.

This is close to home. Many of us have close connections to Las Vegas. This shooting will touch many of us through friends and family who live, go to school or visit our ninth island.

And once again come the feelings of helplessness and frustration.

Time after time, we ask if there is something that can be done to prevent mass shootings. But we also know that if there was, our broken political system is not capable of action.

Another broadcast executive expressed it this way: "If a shooter gunning down congressmen at a softball field cannot bring the two parties together to discuss solutions, then there is little chance what happened in Las Vegas will."

It does seem like the only aspect of these shootings that does unite us – is the grieving.

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