Amazon launches ‘Liftoff’ on Maui

MAUI (Hawaii News Now) - Amazon's Fulfilment by Amazon is launching a new initiative, Liftoff, which will help small businesses in hard-to-reach locations or those where economic opportunities may be limited, expand their business online by registering and selling on Amazon. Amazon is hosting its first Liftoff workshop in Maui and is partnering with the Maui Chamber of Commerce.

Liftoff kicked off on Tuesday, September 26 and will wrap Friday, September 29. Amazon will register nearly 100 local businesses onto the site so these local small businesses can begin selling to Amazon's more than 300 million customers worldwide. In the first half of 2017, small businesses and entrepreneurs—like those that we've been on-boarding in Maui—sold more than two billion items on Amazon! At Liftoff, small business owners received one-on-one support to list their products and learn about Amazon's tools. Amazon also had a photographer on-site to take professional product shots for those who didn't have them yet.

Two examples of businesses on Maui that were on-boarded to Amazon are Moku Pua—a five year old company in Maui that creates bath and boy products and  Maui Raw—a three year old company in Maui that creates snacks and dips.

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