Sunrise Shape Up: Office Rehab

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Today we're gonna help you reverse the effects of sitting at your computer pretty much all day. That does a lot of damage. So we have Phil and Bryan from Clark Hatch Fitness. Phil, what are we going to do today.
Yeah so today we've designed a program for you called Office Rehab. And in today's modern society we spend a lot of time sitting down, whether in the office or sitting down. So we have here, Bryan's going to demonstrate some of these exercises with our guests here. And yeah, proceed.

So simple stuff, 5 exercises?
Yup, so we're going to start with the lower body. We have Taiana here. Shes going to be stretching out your hip flexors. So as you can see in this position here, she's squeezing through her bum. Her abs are nice and tight and she's opening up her hips. Those muscles get shortened when sitting for long periods of time. Then she's going to move from here to a hamstring stretch, a simple hurdle stretch so you can do it on a sofa or on a bench. She's going to have her left leg out in front here. She's flexing the toes. And she's popping her head down. So what you want to do in this one is take a deep breath, lean forward into the stretch, and open up the hamstrings, another muscle that gets shortened while sitting. 
We don't want to rush this and we don't want to force anything too, right?
No, so typically take about 30 seconds on each side or for each stretch. Slow deep breaths and just focus on your form. Then from here we're going to move into a stretch for your midsection. This is going to open up your abs. So I'm going to have Taiana and Buff Mike. They're going to be lying down on the floor here. So this one is going to do the reverse of what you do when you're sitting. So if you're slumped over in your chair, we're going to open up the abs, shoulders, back. And this just loosens up the spine and your midsection.
This is yoga, what is this called?
This is called the Cobra. So this one is as we said designed to put you in a little bit of a flexion here. And real good for your back health.
Then we're going to have Buff Mike move into a chest stretch. So arms placed against the wall, hand above your head, arm at a 90 degree angle, opening up the shoulder cavity there and helping to open up to enhance the posture.
I'd done this stretch before, and it does stretch out the pectoral muscle. But it does a world of wonder for the shoulder blades in the back, as well, right?
Exactly, so if you have any aches and pains in the shoulder area, a lot of time it can be created by tightness through your chest muscles and your shoulder. So it helps with the upper back to maintain a good posture there.
Ok, last one.
And then the last one there, you can do anywhere around the house with anything that weighs about 3-5 pounds. And this is just to activate the muscles that enhance the posture.So what you're gonna do is take the weight in front and rotate outwards, squeezing your shoulder back and the slowly back in front again. This helps with the heatlh of your rotator cuff as well. And you're gonna maintain a nice, stable core, abs sucked in, chest up, good stuff Buff Mike.
Buff Mike's got a 12-pounder there though, the average person would take a 5 pounder or something? That's a pretty heavy weight for that one. But as his nickname would say, Buff Mike he can handle that 12 pounds no worries. 
Skinny Steve would use a 2 1/2 pounder if that's available at all.
You would do this more leisurely, not stressing yourself out about how fast you do this or how intense, right?
Yes so this is a daily routine you do as you said just to combat the aches and pains that come with sitting. So if you ran through these 5 exercises, 30 seconds on each of them just taking your time, breathing through them and really feeling the stretch it would really, really help you improve your lifestyle. 
Excellent. If you want the complete workout, just go to our website,


1. Hip Flexor Stretch: Kneeling down place one foot in front of the other putting both front and back leg at a 90 degree angle. Draw abs in and squeeze bum while driving hips forward. keep chest raised and hips facing forward hold this position for 30 seconds before changing side. This exercise will help loosen hips, alleviate tension placed on lower back and activate butt muscles.

2. Cobra: laying on your belly place hand by your side just below your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale push with hands on floor and elevate your chest while relaxing your hips into the ground. hold this extended position for approximately 30 seconds and repeat three times. This exercise will help stretch you abs and extend your spine that is often in flexion for long periods of time spent sitting.

3. Seated hurdle stretch: Sitting on a bench place one leg on floor and the other on bench. Flex the foot on the elevated leg, take a deep breath in and as you exhale stretch your upper torso forward reaching toward your flexed foot. Hold this position for 30 seconds before switching sides. this exercise will assist in lengthening you hamstrings located on the backside of your upper thighs. This muscle group is shortened during long periods of time spent sitting contributing to anterior pelvic tilts that creates and exaggerated lower back arch and often aches and pains. Stretching will assist in keeping this area balanced.

4. Chest Stretch: Place one arm against a wall or hard surface with elbow at shoulder height and arm bent at a 90 degree angle with hand above your head. Rotate your body away from the raised arm and lean slightly into stretch to enhance stretch. Hold this position for approximately 30 seconds and repeat on other side. This muscle group often is shortened during long periods of time sitting and creates rounding of the shoulders and the appearance of poor upper body posture. Stretching this area will enhance posture and loosen chest muscles and shoulder movement.

5. Shoulder External rotation: Holding a weight or item weighing approximately 5lbs bring elbows into your side and raise hands to a 90 degree angle lift your chest up and shoulders back and down. Now externally rotated your shoulders outward taking your hands away from the mid-line of your body. This exercise will help improve health of rotator cuff and improve posture activating a muscles that assisting keeping shoulder back and down while passively stretching your chest muscles.