Kauai High students to write, produce, act in new film

KAUAI (Hawaii News Now) - The feature film 'Too Much Life', which is in Development, has received over 62% of its funding from backers on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Kauai Made Films is still seeking $38,000 to complete funding by their October 8th deadline to begin pre-production on a film made with 100% local Kauai talent and resources.

Kauai Made Films works with students throughout Kauai teaching basic narrative filmmaking skills. While working with students at Kauai High School, the students began to share their stories about living in an online world, the anxiety it causes, and how it effects their daily lives. That became the genesis for Too Much Life.

Producer Edwin Sawyer says, "Cyberbullying and Digital Self-Image are causing our teens increased anxiety and depression. The impact of being bullied by someone you can't see, and may not even know, has real world consequences for our students." Producer Elliot Lucas says, "The lead character of Too Much Life loses control of her online world resulting in a series of decisions that hurt her family and friends."

Sonya Balmores, Samantha Lockwood, and Alana Blanchard have joined the cast of the film,

By coming together as a community, filmmakers, students, parents, and local businesses, Kauai is coming closer to making a movie featuring a Kauai story. Kauai is usually the backdrop to big Hollywood films, but this is a story about its people, young adults and parents finding their way in an online world.

Casting for Too Much Life began earlier this month with several local talents receiving roles. Among those were Skyler Wandasan and Kirra Leonard. Casting is ongoing for Too Much Life. A second Casting Call is currently underway. So many actors from Kaua'i signed up for Auditions for the first Casting resulting in this second audition call.

For more information, visit www.kauaimadefilms.com

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