Local Connection: Kaiser Football

It's a shame whenever the failings of adults lead children to suffer.

The cancellation of the Kaiser High School football season on the eve of homecoming due to adult squabbling was a hurtful blow to hundreds of innocent  young people.

The students and faculty gamely salvaged Homecoming with a flag football game and other festivities, but it certainly wasn't the same.

While the blame and finger-pointing has included both the coach and hot-tempered parents the situation should not have been allowed to get so out of hand.

What needs to be understood is that high school football is more than just a game. For the vast majority of players, the program is an opportunity to build mental and physical fitness as well as character.

That's how the success of the program should be judged.

It also takes great teamwork beyond the team to succeed.

Families, coaches, players, faculty, administration and the larger community are all vested in school 
athletic programs.

Accountability for this failure ultimately rests with the Kaiser administration. We have learned that warning signs were certainly evident months before things spiraled out of control.

Now cleaning up the mess will take time and energy away from the true mission of the institution, which seems to have been forgotten in this tragic circumstance.

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