'They know what's at stake': 'Bows prepare for first Mountain West test

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After rain, comes a rainbow. And the Rainbow Warriors will look forward to retaining the Paniolo Trophy with a win tomorrow over Wyoming, regardless of the conditions they play in.

But Saturday's game against the Cowboys isn't just about the Paniolo Trophy, however. It's the start of a conference championship run.

"I think they know what's at stake," Rolovich said. "They're the ones that said they wanted to win a Mountain West championship - not me. I do, I wanted to win one last year. They talk about it more now. They know that if they want to do that it starts tomorrow. If you want to win a championship you want to start off right. June Jones used to say it. To be great you have to win in conference on the road. We'll have our first test tomorrow."

And that test tomorrow will include some conditions Hawaii hasn't had to face before.

For the first time this season, the team is expecting cold and rain tomorrow in addition to playing at high altitude. The Rainbow Warriors got a little taste of what to expect here earlier today in Cheyenne: Cloudy, and pretty chilly. But it's nothing compared to what they're expecting tomorrow - temperatures in the 40s with a good possibility of some rainfall.

But Rolovich said that the weather forecast isn't impacting UH's gameplan on offense heading into War Memorial Stadium - as the 'Bows continue to work toward finding balance in the pass and running games.

"I don't think we'll go in any differently. If we have to adjust, we will," Rolovich said. "I like our game plan. I like what the offensive coaches have done. We'll see. I know we want to be able to continue to be balanced and get our playmakers the ball."

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