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Hawaiian Word of the Day - Ho?okele

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Welina mai! ?O Laiana Kanoa-Wong keia me ka hua?olelo o ka la. Our Hawaiian word of the day is "ho?okele." e hoa?o pu kakou: Ho?okele. Hemolele! The word ho?okele is interpreted as navigation; to steer and sail toward a destination. Ho?okele is also used to describe the navigator of a canoe or ship. Our wa?a Hokule?a was guided and led by Ho?okele who would navigate using the stars, ocean currents and other natural elements to steer the wa?a around the Pacific and the World! This ancient form of Ho?okele was shared with our Hawaiian Navigators by Papa Mau Piailug from Satawal, Micronesia. Used in a sentence, "He ho?okele wa?a no ka la ino" which can be translated as a canoe steersman for a stormy day, this describes someone who is courageous and can stay focused even in stormy weather like Papa Mau. Let us all be the best ho?okele that we can in the voyage of our own lives. E ola mau ka ?olelo Hawai?i! Aloha.

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