Kaiser High School parents meet with lawyer over football controversy

Kaiser High School parents meet with lawyer over football controversy

It's homecoming without the football game this year for the Kaiser High Cougars.

Tensions exploded on campus this week causing the season to come to an abrupt end during homecoming week.

It's growing controversy surrounding the school's head football coach.

"It kind of sucks. If they were to cancel the season, I wish it was after our homecoming game because homecoming is a special week to us," said JV football player Jaden Self.

"Hoping to play, especially homecoming. And I think it more effects the seniors…that's what I'm more worried about, they're pretty much done. I still have two years," said another JV football player.

The announcement came in a letter on Tuesday to parents saying the remainder of the school's football season has been cancelled due to 'extreme concerns for student and staff safety.'

Sources said an altercation broke out on campus Monday night between parents and head football coach Arnold Martinez that led to police being called.

A parent who was at Monday's meeting said dozens of families are upset with Martinez's coaching style. She also said the conflict has been going on since before last season and that several parents are meeting with a lawyer.

On Wednesday, parents and students around campus said it has affected the entire school.

"We've been hearing there's some problems. We've heard there's problems with the coach, there's problems with the students, there's problems with the parents. It really didn't come as a surprise. If those three things weren't gelling, then we didn't really have a sports team really to begin with," said parent Jodi Clay.

"It really sucks that they had to cut them short because a lot of them we working really hard," said freshman Aden Burgess.

Self said he likes Martinez.

"I think he's coaching us just right honestly," Self said.

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