Victim in fatal Waikiki shooting says gunman 'just started spraying everywhere'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One of the three people shot in Saturday's deadly shooting in Waikiki says the gunman was a complete stranger who was shooting at random.

Jonny Correa says his friends just finished their nightshifts at nearby restaurants when they decided to grab drinks at Club Alley Cat -- one of the only places still open at that hour.

He says about 20 people were outside the bar when a man approached them, pulled out a gun, and opened fire.

"He was directly in front of me when he pulled the gun out. He definitely wasn't aiming at one person. He just started spraying everywhere. I got hit once," Correa said.

Correa says he was shot in the rear. The 31-year old then hid behind a trash can as people darted in every direction.

Once the shooter was gone, he found his friend, 22-year old Maleko Remlinger, lying on the ground.

"There was some people there already crowding over him and they ripped his shirt off and you could see two little holes," he said.

Correa says they were taken to the hospital, but Remlinger didn't make it. He says he was in the hospital bed right next to him.

"I guess I was lucky that at least someone he knew was next to him till the end. I'm just really torn apart. He didn't deserve this," he said.

Correa is expected to make a fully recovery. He says the bullet exited his body and he didn't need stitches.

He wants people to know Remlinger was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and had no connection to the man who's accused of his murder.

"He was just a really good guy and its really sad. Its just really sad that this had to happen to him," he said.

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