Herd of loose farm pigs tearing up Maui community

Herd of loose farm pigs tearing up Maui community
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WAIKAPU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Maui community is grappling with a big ... big pig problem.

They're digging up grass. Chewing up sprinklers. Eating foliage.

Maui resident Vernon Patao said the pigs started popping up in the Waiolani Mauka neighborhood about three months ago, after getting loose from a farm in Waikapu.

At first, he said it was only a couple and it was cute. But now, he said, it's a complete mess.

"A few people are asking, 'What are the laws with pigs that are doing damage, what can we do?'" he said.

Patao said he saw as many 14 in one yard recently.

The property managers in the community said one looked like it weighed about 400 pounds.

"It's a pretty unique situation," said Joseph Blackburn of Maui Land Broker and Property Management, Inc. "We've had loose cows, we always get loose goats, but this is the first time I've had to deal with a loose herd (of pigs) in a residential area."

The Maui Humane Society said it issued a "livestock at large" to the pigs' owner Friday morning and the owner must appear in court before a judge and explain how the animals got loose.

The Humane Society said the owner could get fined.

Blackburn said he also got in touch with the owner and was directed to the Humane Society.

Blackburn said the Humane Society was only able to capture one pig Friday morning and is hoping the pig farmer will take responsibility for the damages that were done to people's properties.

"The residents truly are scared and the solution really isn't as simple as you think it would be — just go out and shoot them —  because reckless endangering. Even if you bow and arrow or chase then with dogs, you're doing it around where people live," Blackburn said.

The Humane Society said people can contact them at 877-3680.

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