Forecast: Another humid, voggy day with afternoon pop-up showers

Forecast: Another humid, voggy day with afternoon pop-up showers

Another sticky, hazy day. No trade winds today or tomorrow. We are hoping they begin to return on Friday. In the meantime expect light and variable winds.

Sea breezes will develop in the afternoon due to convective heating. Interior and upslope neighborhoods will see dark, ominous clouds forming followed by showers that could be locally heavy.

High in Honolulu today will be 87 degrees, but feel much warmer.

Surf is elevated both town and country. Waves today will be 5-7 feet north, 3-5 feet west and south, 1-3 feet east.

Box jellyfish are expected along south shores today through Saturday. Check with lifeguards before you or the kids step into the water.

No marine or weather advisories are posted.

Two tropical depressions have formed in the East Pacific. Tropical Depression 15 and Tropical Depression 16 are not immediate threats to Hawaii, but stay with us for the very latest.

There are two other potential tropical cyclones in the East Pacific that we are also monitoring.

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