Swimming at Waimea Bay discouraged after sharks seen for fourth day

WAIMEA BAY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Shark warning signs remain posted at Waimea Bay for the fourth day in a row. Lifeguards urged swimmers to stay out of the water after several sharks were seen thrashing around close to shore.

The latest sighting happened around 4:00 p.m. Eric Corkum captured video of about a half dozen sharks swimming in a school of fish.

"There's been quite a lot of activity with the sharks and we think it's coming from the pile of baitfish. Bigger fish feeding on the smaller fish and obviously the sharks coming after that it's just the natural progression," said Ocean Safety Lt. Adam Lerner.

Since Friday, sharks have been seen thrashing around in the water at Waimea from the jumping rock to the river. Many of the sightings happened between 10 and 50 feet offshore.

Liane Smith was about to go for a swim when something caught her eye.

"I noticed there was a little black it look like a triangle coming up and then and then kind of went down and then I saw it again. I turned to the people next-door and I said did you see it? They said yes," said Smith.

Despite warning signs being posted there were still a good number of swimmers in the water. Lifeguards want to urge beach goers to stay out of the Bay until the activity stops.

Warning signs will stay up over night. In the morning lifeguards will head out on jet skis and determine if it's safe for swimmers.

Ocean Safety officials say Waimea is the only beach in the area where there have been any shark sightings.

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