Local Connection: War on Terrorism since 9-11

The sad anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attack comes with us still involved in the War on Terrorism.

Since 2001, our nation has committed our military to the longest period of continuous combat in our nation's history. Service members and their families have sacrificed selflessly to keep the rest of us safe, and their service is deeply appreciated. They deserve all possible support from the people and leaders of this nation.

We can also honor their sacrifice by honoring those who came before them. Those who built the foundation of courage and fortitude that carry us today.

One effort to do that is the continuing restoration of the historic battlefield at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor.

Over the last ten years the Pacific Aviation Museum has developed a great collection to tell the story of the role of aviation in World War 2, and now attracts more than a quarter million people a year.

The next stage is to open the iconic Ford Island Control tower and repair historic hanger 79, as well as other improvements in educational exhibits and programs.

Museum leaders are counting on the community to donate $200,000 by the end of September. Hawaiian Air is matching donations with ten air miles per dollar.

Visit the Pacific Aviation Museum Website to donate. Its an investment that will keep alive for many generations the spirit of America's heroes.

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