Pupukea man on vacation in Miami recounts Irma's incredible strength

MIAMI, FLORIDA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Howling wind and driving rain.

Those are sounds forever ingrained in the minds of those who endured Hurricane Irma, including Pupukea resident Adam Salvio.

"I think we were getting 150 mph gusts over here," Salvio said.

The storm hit in the middle of Salvio's vacation in Miami, where he grew up. He quickly discovered the cyclone's power.

And he said he's never felt power like it before, especially when he briefly ventured out to his rental car.

"I was charging the cell phone. We have no power you know. It just started to lift the car and move it forward," Salvio said.

Powerful winds toppled trees throughout the neighborhood. One flattened his uncle's car. Another one crashed into a window.

"It's bulletproof so it just shattered. It didn't break into the house," said Salvio.

Salvio's neighbors weren't as lucky. Firefighters rescued five people after a fallen tree trapped them inside their home.

In Orlando, former Aiea resident Khrysti Hunsworth spent the storm hunkered down in her closet after several tornado warnings.

"I think the scariest part is when it happens at night and you don't know what the sounds are and your phones goes off with warnings all the time," said Hunsworth.

On Monday morning, she found the wind ripped most of her shingles off the roof.

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