Business Report: Republicans redistricting

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In the last redistricting, Republicans were in control. They drew a bunch of safe GOP districts.  In these districts, sitting Republicans worry much about Democratic challenges. What they DO worry about is PRIMARY challenges from the right.  This creates a problem for any sitting Republicans who in his heart is a moderate. The Washington Post calls it the "vote no, hope yes" caucus.

It's not a real caucus, it's a group of Republicans who are afraid to vote the way they want. They sometimes vote no on bills they like, to appease the far right. There is a lesson in this for left and right alike. The more safe districts you create, the more your party moves away from the middle. The more you move from the middle, the harder it gets to compromise and get stuff done. And it also creates challenges for presidential races.

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