'I've got a lot of faith': Hawaii residents in Florida now facing down monster Irma

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After 20 hours on the road, Corey Campbell was still driving Friday afternoon, trying to evacuate from Florida after being in Hurricane Irma's path while there on business.

The Niu Valley man left Miami at noon Thursday — bound for his parent's house in Virginia. On Friday, he pulled over long enough for a quick interview via Facetime.

"It's going to end up being about 21 and a half hours, just due to all the traffic we're adding about seven hours," said Campbell.

Campbell says he's lucky he made it this far. For a while he wasn't sure if he'd find a way out of Florida. He says booking a flight was impossible.

"There was nothing under $1,000," he said. "You go through the whole reservation process you put in your credit card, your name and as soon as you click to purchase then you get an error message saying this flight is no longer available."

When he finally found a rental car, there was a long line to pick it up. On the road, traffic was the least of his concerns.

"The other scary part of the deal is they were saying no gas in Florida. I did pull up one time trying to get gas and they were out," said Campbell.

While many are fleeing Florida ahead of Irma, one Pupukea man is choosing to stay. Adam Salvio is in Miami Beach visiting family. He says on Friday morning the streets there were empty.

"I think 90 percent of the people evacuated," said Salvio.

Salvio's wife managed to get on a plane with their daughter and head out to her brother's house in New Mexico.

"My wife's with Delta and she has top priority. She got an emergency pass," said Salvio.

He spent the past few days stocking up on supplies and helping his mom and her neighbors prepare. Salvio says the house he's staying in is very sturdy. It was built in the 1920s has survived many storms.

"When the wind starts to blow and shake the house everybody is going to be a little scared but I've got a lot of faith," said Salvio.

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