Nine remain in the running to become Honolulu's next police chief

After months of delays, the list of candidates in the running to be Honolulu's next police chief has been narrowed down to nine.

Initially, 33 candidates applied to be Honolulu's next police chief but only 24 showed up to take the test.

Those applicants were judged based on eight questions. Six of which had to be answered in essay form.

Despite knowing very little about the candidates or what questions were on the test, members of the Honolulu police commission unanimously voted to make its first round of cuts.

The nine who are moving forward scored the highest on the test. It was graded by a panel of consultants made up of four white men. Three are from Pennsylvania. The fourth is from Hawaii. All served as police chiefs in towns smaller than Honolulu at some point in their careers.

Police Commissioner Loretta Sheehan expressed concern about cutting so many candidates without knowing more about them.

"It sounds like a pretty easy test to read I mean we could readily read the answers they gave. I mean aren't you curious about how they filled out the test," said Sheehan.

While others argued the process is taking too long.

"I sure as hell don't want to wait until the next meeting to take any additional substantive action. We all agreed to proceed with the assistance of a consultant," said Commissioner Steven Levinson.

Those moving forward to the next phase of the interview process will be notified on Friday. At the end of the month they'll be invited to Honolulu to undergo another round of tests.

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