Family livid after 5-year-old burned by hot food at school

NUUANU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Honolulu public elementary school is promising to be more careful with hot lunches after a 5-year-old was scalded by beef stew.

On Wednesday, kindergartner Christopher Galicia was carrying the stew when it spilled onto his arm, leaving him with second-degree burns.

The boy's parents say they're upset with Nuuanu Elementary School because of what happened — and how the school responded.

"I know that he's kindergarten so they're the first to eat so the food is the hottest but I feel it should've been tested before it was served to the kindergartners," said Christopher's mother, Candice-Renee Palacio Carrillo. "Also that he didn't have any assistance holding the plate. He told me it was a heavy plate and he just couldn't hold it anymore."

The child said someone bumped him, causing him to spill the stew on his arm.

Christopher's father, who shares his son's name, said the food was simply too hot.

"It does need to be a certain temperature but you're not going to serve something that hot to anybody," he said.

The state Education Department said the school was sending a letter home to parents about the incident Thursday.

And in a statement, the school said changes will be made: "There is no requirement to check the temperature immediately before serving. However, as an added precaution, Nuuanu Elementary will start checking the temperature immediately before serving."

But Christopher's parents are also unhappy with lack of support or even an injury report from the school.

"I received no communication from the school after this happened. The only person to call was his teacher to check on him," said his mother. "But I had no other communication from the school, from the health room, the principal, or anyone else."

The family is so upset they are considering legal action and moving Christopher to another school.

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