Forecast: The trade winds are building again!

Forecast: The trade winds are building again!

The trade winds begin their return today.

It won't be breezy, not yet. But by afternoon we should feel easterly flow at 10-15 mph. The winds will strengthen overnight and be locally breezy for Thursday and Friday. So today will be hot and humid.

The afternoon high will be 88 degrees in Honolulu. Just a few showers are expected, mainly afternoon/evening and mainly windward and mauka neighborhoods.

Kauai could be a little wetter than Oahu due to remnants of an old cold front drifting south.

Surf is up out in the country. This swell will hold solid through Thursday. Wave heights today will be 6-10 feet north, 4-6 feet west, 2-4 feet south, 1-3 feet east.

No marine or weather advisories are posted. No tropical cyclone activity is expected in the Central or East Pacific for the next 48 hours.

Hurricane Irma continues as a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of 185 mph. It is expected to batter the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico today and continue a path toward Florida.

As of 5 a.m. HST, the forecast calls for Irma to cross over the city of Miami as a Category 4 storm late Sunday.

The track and intensity forecast could change.

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