Local Connection: Homeless H-4 project

Local Connection: Homeless H-4 project

The challenge of dealing with people who are both medically fragile and homeless is one of the toughest, most heartbreaking and expensive problems we have.

But now, a partnership of the city and county of Honolulu and the health community has created what could be a game-changing solution.

It's called the Honolulu H-4 project.

In a city-owned building in Iwilei – services will be offered including hygiene, Health and housing in a humanitarian spirit.

What it could mean is that fragile homeless who now depend on the emergency room for routine medical care will be served in a much less expensive venue. Plus, in addition to getting medical needs taken care of, there will be help to keep them sheltered and safe, and potentially break the cycle.

Mayor Caldwell has approved the use of a city-owned building for the project and other investment will come from Queens, HMSA and other donors and health and social service agencies.

They all deserve our congratulations and gratitude for an innovative and collaborative approach that will really, finally make a difference.

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