Forecast: Some showers to start, but a sunny afternoon to follow

Forecast: Some showers to start, but a sunny afternoon to follow

Morning temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s across the state.

Lighter winds allowed the islands to more efficiently radiate heat and cool down overnight. Winds will be light to moderate trades today at 10-15 mph. A batch of showers is moving across Maui County this morning and will dampen Oahu mid-day.

Once the sun is up and out, we will heat up quickly and reach an afternoon maximum of 90 degrees in Honolulu.

Slightly stronger trades are expected on Wednesday.

Surf is slightly elevated east and south. A bigger south swell is expected to start building on Wednesday and could reach advisory levels by Friday.

Today's waves will be 2-4 feet east and south, 3 feet or less west, 2 feet or less north.

No marine or weather advisories are posted for Hawaii.

Harvey is now a tropical storm and continues to drop massive amounts of rain on the gulf coast of Texas. The storm isn't moving much and even more rain will fall over the next couple of days.

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