Amazon will keep 'Peter Boy' book series in online store

Amazon will keep 'Peter Boy' book series in online store

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - Amazon officials say the company will not take down a book series on the abuse and murder of a Hawaii boy known as "Peter Boy" from its online store despite a request from the lawyer who represents the boy's estate and his now-adult siblings.

Honolulu lawyer Randall Rosenberg tells the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that the series by former state Department of Human Services Director Lillian Keller says the series re-victimizes Peter Kema Jr.'s surviving siblings by outlining the "heinous" abuse they endured and invades their privacy.

Amazon's Corporate Counsel Corinne Mattli says in a July 31 letter that the electronic commerce company is not responsible for "reviewing, investigating and determining the legality" of statements made in each book it sells.

The letter suggests Rosenberg address his concern directly to Keller.

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