'Bows go from practice field to field trips in Massachusetts

AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS - The Rainbow Warriors held their first padded practice in Massachusetts on Thursday morning, and with just two days until the 'Bows open the 2017 season, coach Nick Rolovich says the team is dialed-in and ready to rifle the Minutemen.

"Talk about the day before the day before. It's becoming real for these guys," said Rolovich after Thursday's practice. "Every one of their decisions... If it's not faith, family, it should be on this game. On their assignments, their responsibility. Just visualizing great things happening."

If Thursday's practice is any indication of how the 'Bows will show up on Saturday, receiver Dylan Collie believes great things should, in fact, happen.

"I think that we've come prepared and ready to go, and the opportunity that we have to be here and be as a team and just focus in, I said the other day, we're here to focus-in now. It's been a good transition," Collie added.

When the 'Bows were done "focusing in" on Thursday morning, they traded in the practice field for a field trip to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

"I hope there's not a lot of fragile stuff in there," said Rolovich, ahead of Hawaii's visit. "I feel like posting somebody up, doing some Malone stuff."

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