Belt already in hand, Max Holloway looking for place in UFC history books

Belt already in hand, Max Holloway looking for place in UFC history books

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is happy to finally have his belt – he just wants to stress that he isn't done yet.

"I'm coming for all the records," Holloway told Hawaii News Now in a recent interview. "I'm coming for everything. Gold belts, everything is nice, but I want my name in the history books."

The 'Holloway' name can already be found there in a few places. He holds the featherweight record for most significant strikes landed, and his 13 victories at that weight are the most in UFC history.

His six knockout victories at featherweight are tied for another record, but Holloway says he wants more – and it starts with defending his title.

Even if he has to take on more than one challenger.

"Why not be the first to have the handicap match? They both can tag team against me and we can do the damn thing," Holloway says. "I don't know if that's gonna work out, but I don't care. I don't care. Everybody knows who I am. It took me 9-10 fights to get my title shot. I don't care who they put in front of me."

Holloway is now 18-3 and hasn't lost a fight since August of 2013, when Conor McGregor was awarded a decision victory. It was the last time a UFC competitor took McGregor, who makes his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, to the final bell.

The featherweight belt that once belonged to McGregor is now in Holloway's possession. He credits his coaches Rylan Lizares and Ivan Flores for a lot of his success, and not just because of what they taught him in the octagon.

"Before I thought people owed me stuff. I thought the world owed me stuff," says Holloway. "Being from Waianae, I thought people looked at me a different way and I would get mad at them. But coming with Rylan, he showed me, no, no one's against you. The world don't owe you nothing."

After he won his undisputed championship belt, Waianae didn't owe him a parade – but they gave him one anyway.

"That was the longest parade Waianae had, I think. Usually it's from the high school to Waianae Mall," said Holloway. "They actually started from Nanakuli McDonald's all the way to the high school. And it was crazy. I was thinking, 'I don't know if gon' have too much people.' And then people showed up."

He's still trying to get the UFC to show up in Hawaii, but even if it doesn't happen soon, Holloway says he has a long-term suggestion.

"We hear they're gonna build a new stadium. C'mon Hawaii, build something with a retractable roof," Holloway says. "Way more people would come down if we had a retractable roof. Bruno Mars had to do 3 shows at Blaisdell and it was like, small shows. Let the Hawaii boys, let the Hawaii boys come back and bring great things to Hawaii.

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