3rd Annual Hoolau Kanaka Oahu Ka Onohi O Na Kai

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Hawaiian practitioners, halaus perform and share their culture in various forms whether it be through hula performances, musical concerts, education, exhibitions, or everyday cultural activities such as lomi lomi (massage), lauhala making, kakau (traditional Hawaiian tattoo), kapa making (Hawaiian cloth making and printing), etc… Many times, each group shares their talent to other places abroad, but we wanted an event where we could come together and share as one lahui here on O'ahu.

Many see the Hawaiian culture through music and hula because it is widely exposed throughout Hawai'i, but there's so much more. Award winning halau, Na Hoku Hanohano, award winning musicians, and experts in their Hawaiian arts and crafts will gather to share an  educational, entertaining and a rewarding day for everyone. There will be craft vendors, food booths, country store, Hawaiian games, canoe paddling, live demonstrations and so much more!

For  General Event Information and tickets, contact: Germaine Hopkins at germs1005@gmail.com or Sai Agonan at sai.agonan@gmai.com. Craft Vendors may contact Sheldon Kaopuiki at  beuty_ru_la@yahoo.com

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