Local Connection: Schatz POTUS Comments

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz last week declared that Donald Trump is not his President.

His was one of the many condemnations of the President for defending people who marched for white supremacy in Charlottesville.

While Senator Schatz' criticism was among the most pointed, the more damaging comments were coming from President Trump's own party.

Republicans who have supported him before were suggesting not only that his remarks were inappropriate, but that he seems to have no grasp of the role of the president as a moral leader. Some GOP leaders are now questioning his competence and stability.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, this is a scary time.

It feels as if a country that was already polarized is now coming apart at the seams. Republican Mitt Romney said it seems as if the fabric of our nation is unraveling.

Meanwhile, has everyone forgotten the crisis of three weeks ago – North Korea.

The firing of Steve Bannon may be too little too late, but perhaps it is a start.

President Trump alone can end this turbulence. First by giving up his beloved Twitter account. Then, and this may be even harder, he needs to find humility. Without it he will not develop the respect for his office and for the impact his words have on our nation.

He certainly deserves criticism, but it is in everyone's interest that he become President for all of us. We can only hope he has the capacity to do that.

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