Local Connection: Reality of Rail series

It may seem like overkill to speak again to you about the Honolulu Rail project. But this is not only the biggest public works project in state history – it will determine the future of economic growth on Oahu.

In the next few days, legislators say they will make the decision about how to cover the funding shortfall for rail -- which ranges between 2 and 3 billion dollars -- depending on whether finance costs are included.

Once again, Hawaii News Now is helping viewers to understand what's at stake, and the facts and ideas that make up the choices lawmakers must balance. That's why every day this week, we have reporters doing in-depth stories on these issues.

You can catch these reports as they air or catch up on our website and app in our "reality of rail" section.

Then when these key decisions are announced, you will know for yourself whether our lawmakers have acted in your best interest. And when the time comes, use your vote to hold them accountable.

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