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Sunrise Shape Up: "HIT" Training

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 I conveniently "forgot" my gym clothes. You won't have one though after today. We're talking about something called "HIT" Training, Bryan?
Yes, HIT training is a buzz word in the industry now. It stands for High Intensity Training. So we're gonna show you some examples of some exercises and some modalities you can use at home or in the gym for exercising in this method.
So we have Connor here. We're typically going to pick one lower-body, one mid-section, one upper-body exercise. We have some tuck jumps here. So working through the core. Then we're going to do some push-ups 
Wow, on the knuckles, nice.
Then we're going to do some squats. Typically you'd do 30 seconds, as many reps as you possibly can and then take a 30 second breather at the end. So 3 exercises...
30 seconds EACH exercise 
Yup, 30 seconds EACH exercise and then take a 30 second break before doing another cycle of that. 
OK so Bryan like you said it doesn't have to be those exercises. You just need one upper body, one lower body, one core. So we have a different mixture over here?
Exactly so you can mix it up throughout the week. Christian's showing us some dips now. They're working through his upper body. 
Sculpting the guns, looking good. 
Yup, getting ready for the beach. Good job Christian. And from there we're going to move on to the leg raises. So here's our core exercise. Now these guys just finished their fitness test. So I'm impressed they're able to rock and roll with this. And then last of all, we have some lunges. This is the lower body exercise. So we recommend 3 exercises, upper body, lower body, mid-section. 30 seconds each.
The great part about this, you don't need a lot of space. You don't have to think a lot. Just go at it and it doesn't take a lot of time either.
Exactly. And you're going to be burning calories, sculpting the body, and getting some great results.
It's just that simple. So if you want the complete workout, go to our website, For Bryan Watkins from Clark Hatch Fitness, I'm Steve Uyehara. You guys ready? Let's go. 

HIT Circuit 1

30 Seconds Tuck Jumps

30 Seconds Push Ups

30 Seconds Body weight Squats

30 Seconds Rest

Repeat 2-4 Times

HIT Circuit 2

30 Seconds Dips

30 Seconds Leg Lifts

30 Seconds Lunges

30 Seconds Rest

Repeat 2-4 Times

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