Business Report: The recent Korean crisis

Business Report: The recent Korean crisis

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Korean crisis – over or not – was pretty scary for Guam, the purported target. And the talk on Guam is, maybe it's time we became an actual state. One person, one vote, is so fundamental an American principal that no American is ever entirely comfortable with the idea that U.S. territories that don't have the vote.

But politics intrudes.

If one party is popular in a given territory, the other party doesn't want it electing senators. And states with sparse populations and tiny House delegates don't want more delegations. Seven states have only one House member, including Montana, Delaware and both Alaskans. And these states are even more sparsely populated. Now – how do those states compare to Guam and other non-states? Take a look.

Puerto Rico is not on the list. That's because Puerto Rico has more than 3 million people, more than 20 states including Utah, Nevada and most of the Rockies.

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