Analysis: Most renters in Hawaii are 'cost-burdened'

Analysis: Most renters in Hawaii are 'cost-burdened'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii and California share a dubious distinction, according to a new analysis: They're the states with the highest percentage of "cost-burdened" renters.

The analysis, from rental site, said that 57 percent of renters in Hawaii and California are cost-burdened.

That's the second-highest percentage in the nation, just behind Florida.

The state with the lowest percentage of burdened renters was South Dakota.

The analysis found that the average college graduate who rents in Hawaii is "moderately burdened," spending 30 to 49 percent of their income on housing.

When considering student loan repayments in the mix, the average Hawaii renter is moderately to severely burdened, the analysis said.

A severely burdened renter in the analysis was defined as someone who spent half or more of their income on rent and student loan payments.

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