Eduardo Bolioli's art opening in Greenroom Gallery Waikiki

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Eduardo Bolioli is the first artist to use posca markers on surfboard designs, and a recent book on art by a writer in France credits him with influencing a generation. He has been in Hawaii since the 1970s and has incredible stories about meeting Andy Warhol and other famed artists, as well as the top surfers in the world. His art is unique. It's a mix of his Uruguay and Hawaii cultures, bright and vibrant. He recently returned to Hawaii after his father passed, and is also getting married.

His significance is the Japanese market. His work is very popular in Japan and this is the first art show he's had for a Japanese owner. He recently showed at the Haleiwa Arts Festival. Years ago he was the artist behind the Absolut Hawaii campaign and his art today hangs in the Absolut museum in Sweden.

He's creating more than a dozen originals for this show alone. Recently, he did one of Kimi Werner, the free diver, and he works with a lot with surf organizations and has designed for Billabong and others.

Bolioli's Art opening will be at the Greenroom Gallery, Thursday August 17, 7-9 pm at the new International Market Place.

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