Thieves target family-owned construction company on Maui

(image: Imua Builders)
(image: Imua Builders)
(image: Imua Builders)
(image: Imua Builders)

KAHULUI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui police are looking for thieves who broke into a Kahului warehouse last Tuesday and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment from a small business owner.

Mark Soon, owner of Imua Builders, hopes surveillance video can help track them down.

"It was very hard watching the video. It just felt so invading…It hurt. It hurt a lot seeing that," said Soon.

The surveillance video shows someone ride in on a motorcycle around 1:15 a.m. and head toward Soon's work truck parked at his Alamaha Street shop. The motorcyclist goes straight for the tool box, which holds a key to the truck.

"They found the shop key in the truck and they took everything, all the equipment and tools I've accumulated through the 20 some years I've been in the trade," Soon said.

Imua Builders is a family-owned and operated construction company on the island. The general contractor builds custom homes and does remodeling and renovations. Owning his own business had always been Soon's dream.

Soon said the thieves spent about half an hour clearing out his shop, stealing about $30,000 worth of tools.

"It's hard. It's devastating. You work so hard…you never expect something like this to happen. It's like I'm starting all over again…it's hard. I have to rebuild and buy new tools, buy new equipment," he said.

Soon said his truck was later found torched in Haiku. He said it's the only thing insurance will cover.

Despite the loss, he said community members have stepped in and donated tools to him to help keep his business going. Now, he just wants the criminals caught.

"They're out there getting away with this and it's up to us as community members to protect our community," said Soon.

Soon said he refuses to believe it is an inside job. Although he has not retrieved any of his tools or equipment yet, he said his main goal is finding the thieves so they don't steal from hard working families again.

"You stealing from people who have kids, trying to raise their families. You stealing from people who's struggling, just trying to do the right thing…so have a heart and knock it off already."

If anyone has information on the case, contact Maui police.

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