Rat-infested abandoned home in Kalihi called a fire hazard

By Kimi Andrew
HNN News Intern

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -- The home at 1724E North School St. is partially collapsed, infested with rodents and abandoned.

State Rep. John Mizuno also worries it's a fire hazard.

"As you can see, just a view of that, one match and that place can just get lit up," said Mizuno, who has urged the city to address the situation. "We don't want something catastrophic to happen," said Mizuno.

The representative said he wrote to the city over a year ago, calling for action. Mizuno only recently heard back from city officials, who said that they hope to auction off the home in early 2018.

According to city records, the property has multiple owners, making the situation difficult. Because the city does not actually own the property, they are unable to tear down the structure.

A city spokesman said that the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services plans to auction off the house to help pay back property taxes due to the city dating as far back as 2015. The current outstanding balance on the 4,100 square foot property is $223,100.

In the meantime, the city plans to work with Mizuno and community members to help alleviate safety concerns, like cutting back overgrown trees and clearing up abandoned items that litter the property.

"I know (2018) sounds like a number of months away but … (the city is) on the track to get this house torn down. It can't be soon enough," Mizuno said.

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