Trending: Trump's tough talk, John Legend on Sesame Street, Channing Tatum dances it out

In what's trending, Howard Dicus reminded us that the recent tough talk from President Trump is not that new. Earlier this week, he threatened that North Korea would see "fire and fury" should the rogue nation attack us. reminds us he's also engaged specifically in nuclear bluster before. In December, he said, "we must greatly strengthen and expand our nuclear capability." The next day he said, "Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all."

It's not always easy to impress your kids, even when you're John Legend. Perhaps that's why he made a special video accompanied by the Sesame Street characters just for his daughter Luna. He visited the set in December but his daughter was reportedly too sick to go with him. We show you the video he made and then his daughter's reaction that was posted on Chrissy Teigen's instagram page. So cute! Luna is clearly impressed by the company her dad keeps.

Steve Uyehara shared some video of Channing Tatum. The "Magic Mike" star stopped by a gas station in North Carolina and hung out with the store clerk Beatrice. He told her he was driving around the country. She joked that she could go with him. And eventually what did they do? She didn't get to travel with him, but they got to dance. Channing even threw in some Magic Mike-like moves. Apparently there's a gas station scene in one of the movies. But instead of pouring water down his chest, he just took a few sips from his coffee. Still good stuff!

Lacy Deniz shared video of a unique way to commute. It can be tough to battle the gridlock, so one man in Germany swims to work. Everyday he swims a little more than a mile down the Isar River. He uses waterproof bad that doubles as a carrying case and a floatation device. This is  great in Germany, but Lacy says, "I don't think anyone would want to do this down the Ala Wai."

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