SmartMoney Monday: Getting financially organized

SmartMoney Monday: Getting financially organized

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There's so much paperwork involved in getting financially organized. Where do you even get started? One way to reduce all that financial paperwork is to reduce the paper itself – by using digital files and statements. By switching from paper statements to digital ones, you can organize everything more easily and search for specific items faster and more easily. So, lose the paperwork by losing the paper.

By having everything accessible digitally, it makes it easier and very secure when you're applying for a loan. Just find the relevant files and email them.

When you do decide to go digital, sort out the documents you need and then, on a secure computer, not a public computer, scan the documents you want to hold onto.  You can purge all the other paperwork and discard it securely, or for more security, have it shredded.

Don't forget to organize your scanned documents into folders. You can even create folders that you file things away in throughout the year. For example, create a folder called taxes. Then, once tax time rolls around, you'll have everything you need in on easy to access file.

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