Kunia residents promised golf course are getting farmlands instead

Kunia residents express concern over new farm neighbors, after planned golf course nixed

KUNIA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Central Oahu residents fear for the value of their homes after being promised a golf course as their neighbor, but farmers are instead moving in.

In May 2017, 132 acres of land was sold as 13 land condominiums, dubbed The Meadows at Royal Kunia.

Each area ranges from seven to 16 acres, at $70,000 per acre.

Farming is not illegal, under under preservation zoning, but homeowners say they're worried about pesticide use, noise, water drainage and dirt blowing the wind.

Henry LaPoint who bought his home in 2000, has already documented illegal work.

"As far as we can tell, there are no permits that have been approved or filed for clearing of the lots, for drainage plans to ensure drainage is all taken care of and that there's no oil leakage in the field," LaPoint said.

Real estate broker Augusto Concepcion sold the units for the master developer.

He says owners only want to beautify the land and plant fruit trees.

"We want to build a good relationship with them and we want to be good neighbors," Concepcion said.

Concepcion says crews have been working to clear a 50-foot space between the farm lots and homes as a fire break, but admits some buyers started clearing more land of overgrowth before permits were issued.

"Some of them got carried away, so they cleaned," he said.

Concepcion says all activity was stopped last Friday.

The city's department of planning and permitting told Hawaii News Now it has received seven permit applications for driveways and fences, but none has been approved yet.

LaPoint says he and other neighbors feel betrayed for buying homes and paying extra in association fees, expecting a golf course.

Since those plans have been scraped he hopes for open communication between existing residents and the new buyers.

"Have your plants in a line, show us a nice community garden and show us you're not going to use chemicals and drive vehicles out behind our house at all hours at the night, and that you're not going to turn it into a party zone," said LaPoint.

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