What's Trending: Mame and Riku, baby binkie fight and getting hosed

For what's trending today, Grace wants you to meet Mame and Riku. Mame is a 1-year-old cutie who lives in Japan with 4 giant poodles. Her favorite is Riku according to the Bored Panda website. They do everything together including eating, sleeping, playing dress-up and looking for Waldo. They're getting more popular on their instagram page. Her grandmother captures the adorable pair around the house.

Dan shared an epic battle of the binkie between two babies. Back and forth, the two take each other's pacifier, making sure to share everything.

Billy showed us a junior firefighter in training trying to tame a fire hose that was posted on youtube by Tornadobaseball22. It's no easy task. After several exhausting minutes of trying, his senior members let him off the hook.

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