Rolovich says taking step back has allowed offense to move forward

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Having served as an offensive coordinator for Hawaii football from 2008-2011, it's no surprise that Nick Rolovich wanted to be heavily involved with the 'Bows offense in his inaugural season as head coach at U.H.. But now heading into year two, Rolovich is making a move that may seem counter-intuitive to some. He's taking a step back, in order to allow the offense to move forward.

"I think with the intentions of doing more, I've done less," said Rolovich.

According to Rolovich, in the past he's divided his time between his head coaching duties and his added interest in helping on the offensive side of the ball. After addressing those issues with the team and coaches following the 2016 season, Rolo says he, and his coaching staff, are making adjustments this year.

"I think my halfway involvement offensively may have confused the power structure of who was making decisions," said Rolovich. "I was planning on getting more involved. Now I"m getting involved in a different way. But, I can't get in there and out. Make decisions and leave. Then, [they wonder] who makes decisions. I've pushed Brian [Smith] - [I said] 'You are in charge of the offense.'"

Rolovich says, that by handing over the reigns to offensive coordinator, Brian Smith, he's allowed his O.C. to flourish with more freedom and responsibilities. According to Rolo, the move has also provided more clarity for his players, which has allowed them to progress as a unit.

"We're seeing better results," said Rolovich. "Just the efficiency in the offense - they're not waiting for me when I'm done with whatever I got to do. They have a schedule. They have a responsibility sheet. I think we took a big step offensively in the staff room."

Last year Rolovich and Smith coached the Rainbow Warriors to eight 30+ point scoring performances - the most in U.H. history since 2010, when Rolovich served as Hawaii's O.C.

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