Kitchen Creations: Makaweli Grass Fed Beef Filet Mignon with Kahuku sea asparagus poke and smoky taro purée

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Since 1865, Makaweli Ranch has established itself on Kauai as symbol of excellence in ranching and producing exceptional beef that's distinctly unique. Their cowboys continue the tradition of raising the best cattle in an environment focused on reducing stress while respecting the land and our natural resources. Their cattle freely roam and graze on more than 25,000 acres of lush pastures in one of the world's cleanest and most isolated environments. This contributes to our superior quality and unmatched flavor.

The Makaweli Ranch® beef program meets the standards they had set over 150 years ago, ensuring superior color, marbling and texture. They have also created a custom 21-35 day dry-aging program that further enhances our flavor and tenderness.

Makaweli Filet Mignon
Serves 4

Taro Purée

1# Dry land taro, peeled and rough cut
1# Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and rough cut
½ stick Butter
1 cup Cream
Salt & white Pepper To Taste

Boil taro and potatoes in water until fork tender.
Strain and save some of the liquid.
Simmer cream & butter.
Mash and whip the potatoes with the cream & butter. You can also puree them in a food processor to make them smooth and a bit loose
Season with salt & white pepper.
Add back a little of the reserved liquid if the potatoes are to stiff.

For Makaweli Filet Mignon

Parmesan Chicken
4 steaks Makaweli filet mignon
Hawaiian salt and fresh cracked pepper as needed
2 tbsp.Olive Oil

Rub the steaks with the Hawaiian salt and pepper.
Coat with olive oil and sear or grill to preferred doneness.

For Sea Asparagus Poke

¼ cup Ogo (rough chop)
¼ cup Sweet local onions (julienne) (can substitute Bermuda onions)
¼ cup Kahuku sea asparagus (washed)
¼ cup Local grape or cherry tomatoes (washed & cut in half)
3 each Shiso leaves (julienne)
1 tbsp. Kukui nuts (inamona)
2 tsp. Ryu (spicy sesame chili oil)
Hawaiian salt to taste
Soy sauce to taste

Mix ingredients and season.

To Plate:
Smear taro puree across the plates.
Place the steak on the puree and garnish with the salad.

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