Forecast: Lighter trade winds and more frequent showers

Forecast: Lighter trade winds and more frequent showers

The wet weather is mostly affecting Oahu and Molokai, but a batch of moisture is just southeast of the Island of Hawaii and will likely dampen the southern parts of that island later this morning.

The winds are east-northeast at 10-15 mph. Later today they should pick up a bit to 10-20 mph.

Afternoon sunshine will warm Honolulu to 88 degrees, but it may feel warmer with the lighter winds and a higher dew point compared to yesterday.

Surf is elevated east and south, but should stay below advisory levels. Today's waves will be 3-5 feet east and south, 1-3 feet north, 2 feet or less west.

No marine or weather advisories are posted.

Irwin is now a tropical depression and falling apart almost 1700 miles east of Hilo. No other tropical systems are active in the East or Central Pacific.

- Dan Cooke

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