8 OCCC inmates dealing with confirmed cases of mumps

8 OCCC inmates dealing with confirmed cases of mumps

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Oahu Community Correctional Center is taking health precautions after eight inmates were confirmed with mumps.

The state Department of Health reports the total number of cases statewide rose to 185 this week -- the eight inmates are included in that total, a public safety spokesperson said.

The facility is taking the necessary steps to ensure the disease doesn't spread.

"This includes vaccinations and isolation of positive cases until they are no longer contagious. Inmates who have come in contact with the infected inmates have been immunized per the DOH recommendation," the spokesperson said.

On Monday, the booster shots were administered to the inmates and two ACO's assigned to the area of the confirmed cases.

No employees of the facility have contracted the illness, and none of the confirmed cases required hospitalization.

Officials don't know when the illness was first discovered at the facility.

OCCC officials aren't classifying this as an outbreak at the prison, however. The spokesperson says eight out of over 1,300 inmates is a small number, and precautions are being followed.

The DOH recommends all residents born in or after 1957 to get vaccinated to prevent the disease.

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