Police looking for driver who hit 5-year-old with SUV and then fled

Police looking for driver who hit 5-year-old with SUV and then fled
(Image: Family)
(Image: Family)

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's a message Bryce Davis has always stressed to his son.

"We got to be careful when you ride, yeah? Always pay attention to cars right?" he said as he held his 5-year-old, Everett.

But around 2:30 Thursday afternoon, he got a call every parent dreads.

"I said what happened? She said Everett got hit by a car, so we raced home. I saw him in the driveway and he was crying and I said where's the car? What happened? Where's the guy?" said Davis.

Everett was playing with his older brother in front of a friend's house near the intersection of Kauoha and Pukanala Streets in the Prescott Sonoma subdivision. Neighbors say a man driving a large black SUV -- possibly a Ford -- clipped the little boy's bike.

The man behind the wheel got out of his car, but not for long. He asked the child if he was OK, but didn't bother to help the boy.

"His bumper fell off and then he put it back on and he just drove away," said Everett.

After the child was hit, Everett's 8-year-old brother jumped into action.

"He carried me all the way back to the house," said Everett.

"His knee was really scraped up. He said he started having stomach pains," said Davis.

Everett was rushed to the hospital and underwent a series of tests. Doctors said he suffered a concussion.

On Friday, he was doing a lot better. Now the family's focus is tracking down the hit-and-run driver. Davis doesn't have a good description of the suspect only that he has short hair and is in his 30s or 40s.

Davis believes whoever did it either lives in the neighborhood or knows someone who does.

"Coming off this street there are only two streets back here so somebody knows what happened," said Davis.

He's asking the driver to come forward -- and turn himself into police.

"It's not about anybody getting in trouble. I just want to know why he didn't wait for us," said Davis.

The father also wants the speed limit lowered in the neighborhood.  It's currently posted at 25 miles per hour.

If you have any information about the hit-and-run, you're asked to call HPD.

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